Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play

Name Choices: Stories You Play
Package com.pixelberrystudios.choices
Publisher Pixelberry
Category Visual Novel
Version 2.9.4
Size 81M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Free Premium Choices
Updated On
About Choices: Stories You PlayWhen I was little, my mother taught me stories such as Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, 1001 Nights, Achilles' Heel, and Beauty and the Beast... Choices: Narrative...
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About Choices: Stories You Play

When I was little, my mother taught me stories such as Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, 1001 Nights, Achilles’ Heel, and Beauty and the Beast… Choices: Narrative You Play now allows me to create my own engaging stories.

Customize your character

Similar to popular simulation video games such as The Sims Mobile, Youtubers Life… In order to engage in the game’s story and situations, you must personalize your character when you first begin playing. However, the selection will be restricted; you will not be able to design characters as you see fit; simply select one of the available options. Do not, then, disregard this incredibly alluring game, whose intriguing plot and enticing scenarios are awaiting your discovery.

Discover stories

Choices: Stories You Play possesses a variety of unique and engaging stories, which will be updated weekly. The stories are separated into genres such as magic, love, horror, reality, and fantasy… even the adult genre (sounds intriguing, right?). And the most significant aspect is that you can choose any narrative without completing it in order. The tales will stimulate your curiosity and make you wish to discover what happens when alternatives are altered.

Some stories stand out

  • The FreshMan, you are enrolled at Hartfeld University. In this story, you established friends with a number of guys or ladies, such as James, Kaitlyn the party girl, and Chris the football star; will you date one of them or a number of them simultaneously? Your own discovery! When attending parties or proms, you can especially wear costumes for your characters.
  • The throne and the fire: In this scenario, your kingdom has been seized by the enemy, and you are cultivating an army to retake your throne. Begin revolution and reclaim your rightful kingdom.
  • You sign up for the high-tech dating service offered by Eros Incorporated and become a master of dates. In this intriguing mystery narrative, you must create your own face to meet your love match.

Some limitations

Some of the game’s narratives contain mature themes (18+), such as terror and social ills, thus you should exercise caution prior to playing. You must be at least 18 years old to play this game.

Some decisions in the game may result in the loss of diamonds, which are extremely rare and sometimes need real-world currency to get. Due to a restricted supply of diamonds, you are unable to select the option of your choosing.

In addition to the weak narrative, the game’s visuals are also unimpressive. You can also try other games like MeChat.

MOD APK version of Choices: Stories You Play

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices
  • VIP

Download Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK for Android

Choices: Stories You Play is, in my opinion, the best mobile narrative game. Each tale is an adventure in which the protagonist is you. You can choose between fairy tales, love stories, horror stories, tragic stories, and stories with a happy conclusion. If you enjoy writing stories, you can do so in this game.

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