Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun

Name Chicken Gun
Package com.chaloapps.roosterrudy
Publisher Chaloapps
Category Shooter
Version 2.9.01
Size 190M
Requires Android 4.4 Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about Chicken GunFighting chickens with firearms!Are you tired of constantly playing first-person shooter games? Yes, I am. What if I were an animal and went to war with a gun, ...
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Introduce about Chicken Gun

Fighting chickens with firearms!
Are you tired of constantly playing first-person shooter games? Yes, I am. What if I were an animal and went to war with a gun, I wondered on a beautiful day? Intriguingly, the gorgeous logo of this unbeaten Chicken Gun game caught my attention when I was searching.

A new and different cockfighting game

In a number of countries, cockfighting is a traditional sport. I am aware that many of you share my curiosity but lack the opportunity to experience it. If you want to try an extremely amusing chicken-shooting game without gambling, I recommend playing Chicken Gun immediately.

At the start of the game, you can select your “fighting cock” character. The colours of its feathers, the design of its regal crest, and the appearance of its smug face are described in detail for your selection. Remember to give your cock a name after achieving a suitable appearance.

Then the combative crows should immediately engage in combat. Our war cock will awe-inspiringly pull out a rifle and begin hunting and shooting the difficult roosters that are illegally threatening to invade your territory.

The operation and sequence are easy to play

To shoot, you only need to select a weapon and touch the target. Done! Everything is organized, focused, and neat. You will earn points for each opponent that you kill. When you have enough points to “level up” your pet, the system will offer you a selection of items from which to chose. You can choose from external equipment such as paper, belts, hats, and coats… And when you acquire more points, you can select a new weapon with varying damage, speed, and dispersion. Even a group of violent roosters can be eliminated with a few special weapons.

When you reach a particular point total, you can even choose a more regal cock character for yourself. I may need to disclose beforehand that a large number of points will be required.

The path to victory does not, however, consist solely of roses. Your speed and skill are at the mercy of the system’s decisions as enemies and obstacles multiply and become more disorganized. Due to the game’s frequent and generous bonus mode, our chicken will never be in a worse position than the competition.

Things that should not be mistaken in this cockfighting game

Despite holding a gun to battle as if it were a genuine one, you are merely a rooster with a large and fat stomach. Therefore, when playing Chicken Gun, avoid imagining a heroic, controlled tempo similar to that of conventional heroes. You will walk slowly, perhaps even too slowly in a really adorable and charming manner, and you will occasionally dance in a humorous manner.

And do not forget that your foes are just as stubborn as you are; they never remain quiet enough for you to attack them without difficulty. They will continuously move and leap, making it difficult to locate and put them in your gun’s sights. Also, avoid approaching the victim too closely if you don’t want to be killed by an unexpected attack.

It’s a shooting game with extreme entertainment

The first is about character creators and the game’s 1001 colors of gray. In Chicken Gun, the pet’s face and expressions are quite amusing. When holding a firearm, he is royal, ferocious, scowling, and irritable. In contrast, when he loses the struggle, he has a ridiculously pitiful and cowardly expression. You will experience a gut-wrenching chuckle if you look at him.

Not to mention, the fat body and fat stomach bouncing back and forth in the transition sequences is rather amusing. Similarly amusing is the arrival of the opponent’s roosters. The fact that they are arranged on a 3D background makes the game incredibly engaging even if you don’t play.

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Image and sound in Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun’s graphic effects resemble those of a realistic simulation game. Even though the primary structure of the game is first-person shooting, the surrounding environment and the 3D effects in the transitions do an excellent job of making the game appear realistic.

Similarly, the audio is largely unremarkable, leaving little to criticize. With mild background music to emphasize gunshots, footsteps, and various conversation, Chicken Gun promises to immerse you in a world of the most adorable pleasure.

MOD APK version of Chicken Gun

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Chicken Gun MOD APK for Android

Chicken Gun is worth playing. Let’s shoot without stress at all. Download the game and play it right away.

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