Name CCleaner
Package com.piriform.ccleaner
Publisher Piriform
Category Utilities
Version 6.4.0
Size 25M
Requires Android
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Introduce about CCleanerIntelligent garbage cleaning and surprise phone acceleration!What does CCleaner help?CCleaner is a free application that assists you in removing garbage...
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Introduce about CCleaner

Intelligent garbage cleaning and surprise phone acceleration!

What does CCleaner help?

CCleaner is a free application that assists you in removing garbage and cleaning your phone’s cache. You have no idea how much this garbage slows down your device. If you don’t believe me, try cleaning your phone with CCleaner. After that, restart your phone and perform any other task to determine how much faster it is.

This cleaning task appears to be straightforward. Anyone who has ever cleaned a cluttered house, on the other hand, may be aware. It’s incredibly challenging. To organize everything, you must first sort, carefully analyze each item, decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard, then clean the remaining goods, and lastly arrange the remaining items in the storage in the desired order after filtering out the unneeded. CCleaner’s cleaning technique is identical. The intelligent cleaning capabilities of CCleaner are highly regarded by users. Let us examine how CCleaner accomplishes this!

CCleaner can scan and analyze hard drive status

CCleaner’s built-in AI recognition technology will assist you in scanning the entire phone and reporting the current capacity condition. It will indicate which component consumes the most space and is used the most frequently… This information is not for entertainment purposes but will provide you with the confidence to select files, folders, and troublesome albums and then add them to the filter list to free up space on your phone.

After reporting the condition, it will automatically identify duplicate and obsolete files and begin removing rubbish on the owner’s behalf.

Do you know why every phone, regardless of its capability, becomes slow during use? The primary reason is that you copied duplicate files, photographs, videos, or downloaded data numerous times without realizing it, and that many files are constantly present but never used (and never will be). As a result, too much capacity is squandered, resulting in the device slowing down. CCleaner’s primary function is to resolve these issues. CCleaner is an excellent self-scanning, filtering, and searching tool for files of the aforementioned sorts (duplicate, junk files, unused files).

Additionally, if you allow Ccleaner to remove certain files within a note, it will do it automatically. However, in my opinion, this automatic garbage removal tool should be used only after reading through CCleaner’s full capacity analysis. Examine the rarely used file parts closely and then determine what to leave to CCleaner and what you can perform yourself. Take care not to accidentally erase critical data; you may forget about their existence on the phone for an extended period of time.

CCleaner can eradicate junk completely

On the phone, deleting a file, folder, or program is not as simple as eliminating the icon on the screen. If you do it manually, you must first determine the source of the files and then delete them altogether. CCleaner, on the other hand, deletes the file at the root level when you choose to remove it. It ensures that you recover the device’s full capacity.

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Censorship of applications

Typically, users are unconcerned about this feature since they believe the device is too heavy due to the abundance of files. However, this feature is critical. It will assist in limiting background programs (which, of course, we do not know about) that occur when browsing the web and performing duties on the phone. As a result, it significantly helps to preserve space and improves the phone’s performance. Occasionally, the cleared phone space from this section is greater than the amount of data, photos, and videos deleted.

Additionally, CCleaner includes a Hibernate function that allows you to prevent apps from operating in the background until they are actively opened. This functionality is advantageous since it enables you to actively select programs while still conserving overall storage space.

MOD APK version of CCleaner

MOD feature

Professional Unlocked: All paid features are unlocked.

Download CCleaner MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New CCleaner

Stability fixes and improvements.

In short, CCleaner will help you clean up your phone and remove duplicate and unused files and folders. It assists you in freeing up the phone space and surfing the web faster and lighter. Let’s give your smartphones a new appearance cleaner and tidier!

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