Racing CarX Drift Racing 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

CarX Drift Racing 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

  • Publisher: CarX Technologies
  • Version: 1.9.2
  • Category: Racing
  • Size: 1.3GB
  • Update: July 11, 2020 at 2:48 am
  • Available at: Google Play


Racing is an adventure sport, brought to both racers and spectators — extremely strong and intense feelings. Every year, tournaments are held all over the world, attracting millions of spectators to join in cheering. But if sometimes you don’t want to act as a cheerleader, CarX Drift Racing 2 is the place for you to show off your racing skills and tell the world that you are the champion. CarX Technologies release CarX Drift Racing 2. It is a serial version of CarX Drift Racing in itself games. Let’s see what’s new this time!

Created by CarX Technologies

Referring to the racing game, you may think of Asphalt 8 along with the adventurous speed chase, but for CarX Drift Racing 2 it doesn’t seem like that. CarX Drift Racing 2’s gameplay focuses more on technology, specifically Drift technology – a technique that causes wheel slip, which helps drivers navigate better at high speeds, including fast roads drift. Along with that, you will have to overcome the opponents on the track, to reach the finish line first and become the winner in each stage. CarX Drift Racing 2’s race track is designed quite specifically, mainly in horny sections, not flat. Therefore, if you are not proficient in the Drift skill, you cannot seem to win the winner.


Similar Drift Max World and Drift Max Pro, the game offers several game modes for you to choose from MULTIPLAYER, SINGLEPLAYER or SIMULATORS. Each style has different tasks and provides you with a unique experience. However, no matter which mode, the playing mechanism is the same: using skills, rolling the finish first, and fulfilling the requirements of the race. Regarding the control mechanism, the interface consists of 4 main functions, corresponding to the symbols that appear on the screen, including navigation, acceleration, braking, and gear lever. To perform Drift, you only need to accelerate, then push the gear lever and use the navigation key to make superb cornering.

Vehicle system

Of course, with an engaging game like CarX Drift Racing 2, the car system is a must-see. The game offers more than 40 spectacular sports racing models, each with its own unique functions: Stock, Turbo, Racing or Drift. Serve for your participation in different modes. On the other hand, you can also customize and upgrade your car. The garage automobile is where you make changes to the car: paint the cover colors, replace the wheel, equip a better turbo engine or upgrade it as well, and the braking system… Every time you make a change, the index of the vehicle also followed that change.


CarX Drift Racing 2 will give you a more authentic experience thanks to the sharp 3D graphics system. You will be immersed in the world of powerful sports cars, eye-catching designs and colors, designed by the most talented engineers of CarX Technologies.

The racetrack is also huge and intuitive, with dust and smoke effects appearing during the player demonstrating the Drift skill or using the handbrake to drag the tire. On the outside, you will discover many beautiful landscapes of nature, mountains, oceans, to large cities and harsh desert regions. Having just been racing and enjoying the scenery all over the world, it is likely that your entertainment time with CarX Drift Racing 2 will be exciting.

MOD Info?

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, which has the following features:

  • A lot of drift points;
  • Free purchases of cars, tracks and tuning (with this option, the progress of the game will not be saved!);
  • Unlock cars (with this option, the progress of the game will not be saved!);

CarX Drift Racing 2 [MOD] [APK FILE]