Car Launcher Pro

Car Launcher Pro

Apps Lab Studio
Name Car Launcher Pro
Package com.autolauncher.motorcar
Publisher Apps Lab Studio
Category Emulator
Size 19M
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features No
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Car Launcher Pro: Start the car from your Android phoneWhat is Car Launcher Pro?A few years ago, this sounded like the wild concept of some developer. However, with the advent of...
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Car Launcher Pro: Start the car from your Android phone

What is Car Launcher Pro?

A few years ago, this sounded like the wild concept of some developer. However, with the advent of sophisticated applications such as Car Launcher Pro, wild ideas are becoming more commonplace each year, even more than we anticipated.

Car Launcher Pro is designed to launch, combine, and control numerous programs and applications in the car via a mobile platform. Literally, is holding the phone, sweeping a few lines, and the car is ready to roll even before it begins to roll. There is no reason for a sophisticated touch screen or troublesome buttons that take an excessive amount of time to activate. Everything can be accomplished over the phone.

So, specifically, what can we do with Car Launcher Pro?

As I said previously, it is “start the car before rolling” when using the Car Launcher Pro application. Everything will be available from A to Z on your phone, including maps, GPRS, speed tracking, current weather, Google map, and traffic jam information. Consider being able to complete everything in this manner five minutes before getting in the car and pressing the remote to unlock the car on your way to the basement. These technologies are ideal for today’s age, which is constantly pressed for time.

You can accomplish more than you expect with Car Launcher Pro:

  • Automobile Launcher Pro enables you to launch all software and programs in the car with a single click of the Home button.
  • Add as many programs as possible to the vehicle’s widget section. As long as your memory is not completely full.
  • View, organize, and display folders and programs in a straightforward, easy-to-understand directory tree.
  • In the automobile software, you can edit, rename, transfer, or delete existing programs.
  • Simultaneously display vehicle tracking elements such as GPRS, weather forecast, radio, and Google Maps. All drivers, whether professional or not, require this feature. Normally, if you do not navigate the application, each item will appear in a unique location. It’s quite tiresome to locate each button. Car Launcher Pro has now assisted in bringing it all together. You only need to hold your phone to view everything. It also makes no difference whether the car’s screen is somewhat dull.
  • Car Launcher Pro’s speed display feature, in particular, is quite powerful. Everything regarding speed is readily visible with a single touch: current speed, distance traveled, time required to arrive, and average speed. You may even adjust the car’s maximum acceleration threshold, for example, from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour, which means that if you approach a speed of 60 kilometers per hour or 100 kilometers per hour, the program will instantly warn you to slow down.
  • Nonetheless, the application saves the above-mentioned speed information in its own memory, which you may simply retrieve at any moment. This tool is advantageous for reviewing travel history or comparing gasoline expenses over a specified time period.
  • Finally, the application must be enjoyable. Car Launcher Pro will include a selection of themes and color tones that you can customize to fit your mood. Consider whether it is essential. You will understand if you have a day of disorientation and still have to drive yourself home. A minor consolation would be a car console made from a mobile phone in complementary colors. Additionally, you can customize the app’s display typeface, date formats, and the way information is displayed on the screen. Generally small in size, but extremely delicate.

    Download Car Launcher Pro APK free for Android

    What's Latest New Car Launcher Pro

    - A new widget has been added for one favorite application, it works only in the built-in CL themes so far, if you have selected an application and want to change it, then you can do it with a long click.- Added entry to the editing mode by long-clicking on the text widget.- Now, if the application crashes, a window appears asking you to send an error to an email.- Correction of other minor errors.

    Life, no matter what generation, is never easy. We always have to take advantage of the moments, race against time and congestion on the road. A modern and convenient application like Car Launcher Pro is sure to help you a lot every day. Not only for convenience, ready to get you on the bus at any time, but also a matter of minimizing all information and manipulation. Get rid of all the complicated and cumbersome things, all-in-one is always what we need in this era.
    If you drive regularly, download Car Launcher Pro via the link below for free!

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