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Introduce about CalmA meditation application that listens to the body and heals soul scars!The value of meditation, a peace mind and a good night's sleepGood sleep, a refreshed...
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Introduce about Calm

A meditation application that listens to the body and heals soul scars!

The value of meditation, a peace mind and a good night’s sleep

Good sleep, a refreshed spirit, optimism, vitality, and a wonderfully calm state of mind. How do these phrases make you feel? Obviously, some persons will feel completely normal. However, not everyone is as fortunate as you. At times, peace is such a desirable goal that many people are willing to give up everything for it.

And even if you believe you have had such things, you may experience nighttime restlessness as a result of your life circumstances. That is when we begin to learn how to meditate. Meditate to achieve a more restful, deeper sleep that is free of daydreaming. Meditation is not yoga, nor is it stillness or thinking; rather, meditation is a state of awareness, a way of life in which the mind is completely free of concern and evil thoughts, allowing the heart to remain always peaceful and carefree like the surface of the lake.

Calm, the app to help you meditate every day

You may meditate or spend time each day learning how to listen to your mind. Additionally, you can get the same outcomes with the use of a meditation software such as Calm.

Even if you are only beginning to understand the concept or are enrolled in real-world courses, you may still discover empathy in this interesting application. The in-app meditation sessions are available in three different lengths: three minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and twenty-five minutes.

The program is structured into tiers, allowing users to either maintain their current meditation experience or begin learning in a non-meditative state. Calming anxiety / Overcoming stress / Deep sleep / Focusing / Discovering energy from relationships / Feeling happy / Self-esteem / Understanding Be Gracious / Self-employed / Love / Learn to forgive / Stay calm

With the Quiet app, you’ll have a daily calm routine that begins at the same time every day, reminding your body of the relaxation comfort it requires to begin the day or fall asleep.

Additionally, users are able to listen to stories to help them sleep, to listen to and share Calm seminars conducted by world-renowned professionals, or to simply practice breathing during their lunch break.

Additionally, you can engage in meditation programs on the topics listed above during the proper open time slots. Each day, listen to a chapter; immerse yourself in the voice, the sound. You will notice that today’s version of yourself appears to be slightly different than yesterday’s.

If you want to keep track of your progress as you meditate

Then Calm has a mechanism in place to track, schedule, and list each user’s “listen yourself” results. You may track your weekly/monthly meditation hours, inventory all the meditations you’ve listened to, and receive ideas for your next meditation steps directly from the app.

Additionally, you may interact with other users online, learn from them, and trade useful lessons on Calm. This is also an excellent and expedient method of promoting spiritual nourishment.

Music and uplifting meditation in Calm

Music, melody, and sound in general are interrelated to the divine nature. Calm deftly inserted a segment of peaceful background music into each presentation, tinging like the sound of a stream caressing the soul and relieving each person’s sorrow. Additionally, Calm’s program allows you to choose from over 30 sounds, hundreds of beautiful tunes, and relaxing natural sceneries to listen to and observe during your meditation sessions.

And finally, the reason I chose Calm among hundreds of other meditation apps

Calm is entirely cost-free. You simply download and use, with no advertisements. Certain content or alternatives are paid, but in my perspective, the free portion is plenty.

Calm is particularly unique in comparison to other online meditation and sleep apps that I’ve encountered and used. Rather of adhering to a schedule or delivering dogmatic lectures, Calm strives to provide you with the instructions necessary to help you listen to your soul and focus on your body rather than the surrounding chaos. And therefore cleanse your spirit from painful occurrences or provide you with a restful night’s sleep. Peaceful made me feel truly calm, not as if I were about to enter a course.

You can also try Sleep Cycle and BetterSleep application available on HOSTZFEVER.

MOD APK version of Calm

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


The app may be force closed when first opened.

Download Calm MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Calm

Thanks for using Calm! This update contains multiple bug fixes and performance improvements. As always, you can expect an original Daily Calm every day, new music and Sleep Stories every week, and new Meditation programs every month.

Let’s listen to the soul’s voice with Calm! Please download Calm MOD APK via the link below to use Premium features for free.

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