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Name Bowmasters
Package com.playgendary.bowmasters
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Category Action
Version 2.15.17
Size 124M
Requires Android 5.0 Can play offline
MOD Features Characters Unlocked
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Introduce about BowmastersBowmasters is a trajectory shooting game (Aim and Fire) available on both Google Play and the App Store. This game was created by and was influenced b...
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Introduce about Bowmasters

Bowmasters is a trajectory shooting game (Aim and Fire) available on both Google Play and the App Store. This game was created by and was influenced by similar games such as Angry Birds and DDTank. Unlike first-person shooter games, trajectory shooting games are simpler and more enjoyable to play, making them less stressful and easier to play.


The gameplay of Bowmasters is straightforward: touch the screen and swipe in the opposite way, and then your character will shoot an arrow or toss the weapon in his hand. Simple and straightforward does not imply that everything will be straightforward. To achieve an accurate shot, you must precisely calculate the force and angle. If you miss the shot at the end of your turn, your opponent will kill you off if it is their turn. A headshot will deliver greater damage than usual. If your health meter reaches 0, you die and lose the game.

The film has no narrative. You need not care if it has occurred. No one knows why the characters in the game are trying to kill one another. To win, your sole objective is to eliminate all of your opponents. I believe the game will likely be more engaging if it has a brief plot.

Typically, the conclusion of a game of Bowmasters is tragic and violent. This game is quite entertaining. Each match only lasts between one and two minutes, so it does not take up much of your time.

Graphics and advertising

The visuals of Bowmasters are vivid and colorful. This contributes to the game’s reduced violent content. When you strike an enemy, not only do they bleed, but their flesh also flies and the bone is seen. Even though the gameplay is suitable for all ages, this is not appropriate for children, despite being enjoyable for adults. Based on 2D graphics, hilarious characters and settings are depicted.

When opening a chest or after a game, you will view the advertisement. Each day, you will receive a substantial amount of coins. For a better experience, you can purchase the version of the game without advertisements. The game is free, however there are numerous products and characters that must be purchased with real money. Throughout the course of the game, it is still possible to get the chest and a large number of other characters.

Insane characters & sick weapons

The most intriguing aspect of Bowmasters is the ability to unlock numerous comic book, One Disney, or Cartoon Network personalities, as well as legendary figures. Character-specific weaponry, such as Deadpool’s sword, Thor’s hammer, and a Viking warrior’s axe, will be utilized by the various characters. You may even own Skrillex, the “dubstep king.”

Funny modes

Bowmasters have a variety of enjoyable play styles. In traditional mode, you compete 1v1 against any online player or AI. Challenge your friends, invite them to the game, and tell them who the best archer is. You may select “fixed” or “moving” targets, allowing you to engage in a variety of combats and earn rewards. In addition, you can choose from Shoot the Apples and Hunting Ducks. Do not pass up the opportunity to showcase your skills in a weekly online tournament.

You can also try other games like Bully: Anniversary Edition, Among Us and Stumble Guys.

MOD APK version of Bowmasters

There are many reasons for you to use the MOD version. Firstly, this helps you unlock all characters & weapons. Having so many characters doesn’t affect your experience, it helps you soon get to use the characters you want.

MOD features

  • Characters Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download Bowmasters MOD APK for Android

Overall, trajectory shooting games is not a new type of game, but Bowmasters still know how to make players feel surprised with so many special features. The games are available below, you can download via the links below.

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