Name Blokada
Package org.blokada.alarm.dnschanger
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Version 5.21.0
Size 27M
Requires Android 7.0
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Introduce about BlokadaThe finest power saver and ad blocker for Android.Ads is not only annoying, but also consumes batteryIf you are aware of the complete benefits and drawba...
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Introduce about Blokada

The finest power saver and ad blocker for Android.

Ads is not only annoying, but also consumes battery

If you are aware of the complete benefits and drawbacks of the advertising models that your phone must “endure” every day, I am confident that you will download and install Blokada Slim Ad blocker immediately.

First, mobile advertising disrupts web navigation. When watching a movie, playing a game, or watching the news, a stupid ad jumps up in the middle of the screen, covering all the content you are reading (watching). No one enjoys that. No one.

Due to the amount of memory they inadvertently occupy on your smartphone, a sequence of continuously-appearing advertisements will cause your phone’s battery to die quickly.

Third, behind huge and small adverts of all types are dense user tracking systems (the cases of Google and Facebook are enough for you to figure out how terrible these systems are). Your privacy has been violated (without the victim’s knowledge).

And finally, the advertising are always full of ransomware, malware, or a “tech virus” that accidently touches your phone, and your phone will be checked and tracked.

Blokada is an ad-blocking app I recommend you use now before it’s too late

Blokada Slim Ad blocker is the leading ad-blocking application for mobile platforms at present (specifically Android 6 and up). It disables advertisements and enhances battery life, as the name says.

This application is depended upon by many, from beginners to experts, because it is (obviously) simple to install, quick, free to use, and based on open source. This essentially means that the system is always automatically updated with new updates containing new code dealing with new forms of advertising or new malware. Download and use once, no more action required.

Using and launching the Blokada Slim Ad blocker is a straightforward process:

  • Download Blokada from Google Play or HOSTZFEVER.
  • Open the application and adjust the blacklist, DNS, and other settings to reflect your phone’s current condition. Then, push the activation button to begin. Done.

Why can Blokada both block Ad and save battery?

Similar to other ad-blocking applications, Blokada employs VPNs on Android to block automatic advertisements and system ads. In contrast, Blokada filters only DNS traffic for advertisements, as opposed to all traffic data. Consequently, the battery life of the smartphone is stabilized. Additionally, it limits advertisements, monitors and eliminates hazardous applications from the phone, and saves battery effectively.

Note that after activating Blokada, you should also check the bottom-right corner of the screen to determine if it’s functioning. When active, it will have a key icon in the status bar and, in most cases, an orange shield icon.

Blokada also has many powerful features to help protect your phone

Blokada can also prevent harmful websites from accessing your mobile device, in addition to blocking advertisements. Review videos on YouTube provide additional information on how to use this function.

MOD APK version of Blokada

MOD feature

Plus Unlocked: Coming soon.

Download Blokada APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Blokada

New blocklists, bugfixes, and more!

For the scope of this article, I can only talk through the general features of Blokada. You should download Blokada MOD APK to your Android phone to experience.

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