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Best fitness apps for iPhone


Keep fit, have fun, and reach your goals with a little help from these awesome fitness apps.

A great fitness app can go a long way, so check out our favorites!


Zova is a personal training app that houses Zara, your smart trainer that tracks and evaluates your workouts. Taking your activity into account, Zara then coaches you through walks, runs, and other workouts, pushing you to get fitter, without pushing you so hard that you die (that’s bad, mmkay?).
There’s a lot of content that you’ll only be able to access via Zova Premium ($7.99/month, $21.99/quarter, $65.99/year), so before you hate on the app, take a look at what the Premium subscription offers.

FitStar/FitStar Yoga

FitStar is a Fitbit-created app that tailors workouts and helps you progress, while taking your daily life and schedule into account. It tracks progress and formulates workouts based on your overall fitness level.