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BeautyPlus: This app makes your selfie perfectWe are constantly in agony because we desire gorgeous, glittering photos to share on social media...
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BeautyPlus: This app makes your selfie perfect

We are constantly in agony because we desire gorgeous, glittering photos to share on social media. However, life is not a dream. You have the impression that your photograph is unsatisfactory. Perhaps your phone’s camera is outdated, perhaps your background is unattractive, or perhaps you haven’t discovered an application with the appropriate filters. If you are experiencing any of these issues in your heart, please contact BeautyPlus immediately.

BeautyPlus is the most powerful photo editing app I’ve ever known

To begin, I chose BeautyPlus over other photo editors because I enjoy selfies and desire high-quality selfies. Very few apps can compete with BeautyPlus in this regard. Until now, I had not fully utilized the app’s 30 editing features. I’m still experimenting with it slowly; if I discover anything useful, I’ll update.

However, returning to the selfie. In general, I can use BeautyPlus to cure acne, smooth the skin, add glitter to the eyes, whiten the teeth, create a V-line face, and apply makeup with filters. And, maybe most importantly, the backdrop blurring option. This is quite beneficial for me, as I do not always have the proper backdrop for a selfie.

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You can rapidly enhance the appearance of selfies within a single note without resorting to extensive editing. The completed product, in particular, is natural, not the type of style that is frequently seen in images with excessive enhancements.

Sisters can gracefully raise their body height while minimizing deformation of the surrounding scenery. Additionally, this application includes a “Slim” option that allows you to fine-tune certain areas such as the arms, waist, face, and nose lift.

Smoothing the skin, decreasing pores, and providing you with beautiful skin are all effects of the “Smooth” function.

Additionally, do not forget the magical acne removal function: with a single touch, any troublesome acne can be removed. This capability is also available to anyone who want to cover skin imperfections.

Those who take a selfie but neglect to apply makeup can use BeautyPlus’s “Makeup” option. Simply choose from a variety of additional customizations to suit your preferences, including lipstick, brows, eye color, eyeshadow, blush, and dyed hair. The brilliance of this feature is that the effect is entirely genuine. All of the details in your photographs are extremely delicate, natural, and pure.

Basic photo editing tools

Include collage, rotate, convert, and scale, as well as add borders and modify shadows and contrast… I won’t go into further depth because they are present in practically all picture programs. There is nothing more to say.

Advanced photo editing tools

This category comprises characteristics that are considered to be unique to BeautyPlus, such as:

  • Remove fonts: This is used when the background in the shot is unsatisfactory, you want to replace it with a distinctive texture, or simply someone appears in your photo by accident. Then simply tap this AI feature to remove the plain typography while retaining the subject’s delicate natural shape.
  • Auto Editting: If you’re pressed for time or unsure where to begin editing your images, select this function. The app will offer suggestions and create a shot automatically based on the “experience” that AI has gained from the user community.
  • Blurring the space behind: Instead of fully erasing the background, you can alternatively blur the entire region behind the image to add depth and artistic value.

Of course, this collection of advanced features does not end with making the photo “reasonable,” but also with making your selfies as “contextual and creative” as possible. It may take some time to investigate this functional cluster, but believe me when I say that it is completely worthwhile.

Explore the collection of BeautyPlus

Finally, BeautyPlus has the most comprehensive gallery I’ve ever seen; this preset collection contains so much information:

  • Text: Feel free to add text to your images; a variety of sizes, fonts, colors, background colors, positions, and textures are available, ranging from traditional to modern.
  • Sticker: There are numerous one-of-a-kind and interesting stickers. You can easily paste, attach, and rotate your selfie to make a lovely tiny highlight.
  • Doodle Pen: This feature enables you to hand-draw or color photographs in order to create scrapbook-style notes.
  • Filters: There are presently 200 filters and the number is growing daily. Simply by using this filter, you may easily “alter” your images without having to think too hard.
  • AR sticker: Adorable shapes featuring a variety of well-known characters. Including them in your images is also a terrific way to add a sense of humor to them.

With BeautyPlus in your device, every selfie is beautiful

Anyone who frequently takes selfies has likely grown disillusioned with the front camera on their phone, webcam, or a variety of other photography apps. However, if you attempt taking selfies on BeautyPlus, you will notice that there is a high-level selfie that you were unaware of.

BeautyPlus selfie mode features an HD camera effect with a variety of pre-applied filters that is instantly processed by AI after face detection is complete. Thus, your only responsibility is to pick up the camera and take a photo. The software will take care of the rest.

MOD APK version of BeautyPlus

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download BeautyPlus MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New BeautyPlus

- Optimized the layer editing experience by adding Guides and Snap To Grid- Added AR effects in Edit under Photo Editor- Added more effects in “Style”, including “Sky” and “Magic”- Bug fixes and performance improvementsIf you have any questions or issues, please refer to the articles on our Help Center ( to search for potential answers.

In short, you don’t have to buy an expensive camera, but still have great photos. If you want your selfie to be beautiful shimmering in a note, download BeautyPlus MOD APK right here!

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