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Battery HD Pro
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Introduce about Battery HD ProFor Android phones, battery management!Battery HD Pro is a mobile phone battery monitoring application. This program will display all of the extremely specif...
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Introduce about Battery HD Pro

For Android phones, battery management!
Battery HD Pro is a mobile phone battery monitoring application. This program will display all of the extremely specific parameters associated with the battery of the phone you are now using, such as battery percentage, current, temperature, and a graph of your battery usage. These characteristics will assist you in making appropriate adjustments to lengthen and improve the phone use procedure.

It’s just the app that shows the battery percentage, so what’s special in this app?

True, if displaying the remaining battery life on the phone is all that is required, it is preferable to do it on the device’s accessible screen. However, this application is not solely concerned with displaying the battery level.

To begin, Battery HD Pro not only displays the percentage of remaining battery life on the device, but also the applications that are “wasteful” of battery. You’ll know, for example, which app is draining the device’s battery the fastest if you’re listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, checking email, working online, or chatting. And if you’re in a scenario where you need to conserve battery power, this knowledge will assist you in determining precisely which ones to turn off and which ones to leave on to keep the battery charged until you return home and locate your charger.

Additionally, Battery HD Pro provides a Usage Chart for the tasks performed during the day. This chart is statistical in nature and aids in seeing the battery consumption of various phone activities over time. If the battery-draining information above assists you in disabling optimal application retention, the Usage Chart provides a visual representation of how much battery is consumed at various times of the day. There are moments when you consume a lot of battery power, such as during your lunch break at work, when you’re surfing the web, listening to music, or texting friends. From there, you can consider how you can make your work schedule and phone activity more realistic.

Notification how much battery is left

There are numerous instances when you’ll want to know how much battery life you have remaining to complete a task. This not-so-simple computation will be helped by Battery HD Pro. You can tell how much time you have left to listen to music, watch movies, make phone calls, browse the web, play games, read books, or use GPS navigation just by looking at the app’s notifications. It’s extremely beneficial if your phone is overwhelmed with many chores at the same time. By shutting down all unneeded programs and focusing exclusively on the tasks at hand, you may significantly increase battery life and increase your attention on the task at hand.

Voice notification feature

Battery HD Pro also has an extremely unique feature: it can voice notify you when the charger is connected or unplugged. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’ve been plugged in to charge the battery for an entire day till you can’t see any battery and you’re forced to flee swiftly due to a lack of available jobs. What could be more irritating. Now, if you have Battery HD Pro accessible, it will alert you if the battery is fully charged or not, and even when you remove the battery, a voice notice will play.

That is, even without glancing through the screen for the little little indicator in the corner, you can determine whether or not the battery is charging. This feature is really valuable for those of you who are busy with office job or who frequently forget first, forget later, or who do not frequently check the battery charge (as I do).

The interface is amazing, bringing fresh colors to the phone

The redesigned UI of Battery HD Pro is particularly noteworthy. The background is black, the text is white, and the areas containing critical information are colored in vibrant hues. For instance, when a battery’s % is displayed alongside an image of a large battery, a portion of it remains colored while the remainder is clear as if it has been decreased in size, appearing rather vibrant. Additionally, you have the option of selecting from a variety of color themes. The re-customization will alter the overall color tone of large displays and the app’s typography when viewed on a phone. Additionally, it contributes to your smartphone’s new breeze.

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What's Latest New Battery HD Pro

Fixed issue with voice alerts on some devices (using correct language instead of English)

In short, Battery HD Pro will help you do everything related to your phone’s battery: check the battery, monitor health, and battery life, promptly handle unusual problems such as fast battery drain, charging does not enter… Thereby helping to maintain the life and health of the smartphone. In my opinion, this application is very necessary, you should try to download it.

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