Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Balance: Meditation & Sleep

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Name Balance: Meditation & Sleep
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Introduce about Balance: Meditation & SleepWith the world's first tailored meditation program, you can improve your stress level, sleep quality, and more.What does meditation brin...
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Introduce about Balance: Meditation & Sleep

With the world’s first tailored meditation program, you can improve your stress level, sleep quality, and more.

What does meditation bring to you?

Each individual has their own perspective on the approach, effects, and length of daytime meditation. Some are in search of inner serenity and are paying attention to their thoughts. Numerous people practice to improve their breathing pattern, to increase their flexibility, and to cleanse their bodies. Others may wish to enhance their stress index and sleep quality, or they may simply like the subject’s gentleness and lightness. However, regardless of your reason, you require a “trusted guide” who will be by your side at all times.

Finding a virtual “guide” is vital during these difficult times, when everyone is confined to their houses. As a result, I attempted to download meditation apps to my device but was really dissatisfied. The interface of some programs was either excessively unclear, difficult to use, or did not inspire any enthusiasm. When I considered surrendering and ceasing to grumble about this, a college friend introduced me to Balance: Meditation & Sleep. It’s still in use every day, when I sleep and when it’s practice time.

Start the application

What I want to emphasize most about Balance: Meditation & Sleep is its interface. With two colors, white and tiffany blue, it’s as soft and basic as the subject it’s conveying. This is a must-have for everyone who appreciates minimalism.

Beginning Balance: Meditation & Sleep, I was asked some basic questions about my meditation practice and current level of practice. As a result, it will direct me in the appropriate direction. Following your selection, you will receive full, logical, and easy-to-understand notification of the exact timetables and schedules. Even those who are not very fond of technology and find it difficult to use, such as myself, can benefit from it straight away.

Balance is the key

Each time you complete a level, you will receive confirmation that you have achieved that level in the related skill. For people who meditate, these are all critical abilities that contribute to long-term improvement, such as breathing control and self-reflection (body scan). It’s comparable to leveling up in a role-playing game. Additionally, statistics on each skill’s “status quo” provide additional encouragement to accelerate the training process. Additionally, it is an effective method for determining which abilities to focus on in the immediate future. If you discover that a talent has a low stat, it’s self-evident that you should reevaluate your time allocation for that skill.

The exercises are well planned without stress

The exercises in Balance: Meditation & Sleep are grouped into a ten-day strategy with a variety of abilities tailored to the reader’s specific goals and needs. By consistently practicing, you will gradually increase your stats and advance to the next level.

You also do not need to be concerned about neglecting your practice time. Balance: Meditation & Sleep notifies you in a calm manner when it’s time to meditate or sleep. You’ll feel more at ease and prepared to practice as a result of this.

Inspirational music

Balance: Meditation & Sleep is guided by two coaches: Ofosu, the male coach, and Leah, the female coach. These calm, reassuring tones will gradually infiltrate your consciousness. In general, I don’t require a great deal of information on this in the tutorial section, therefore this section serves for me.

The music plays a significant role in the meditation application. Numerous meditation activities at various levels are complemented by heart-melting music throughout Balance: Meditation & Sleep. Numerous genres of music are included in the application’s sound library, including adventurous, romantic, and rain-related sounds. The more frequently you practice and remain connected to the app, the more personalized the meditation music will be. Simply put, it’s because Balance: Meditation & Sleep now understands your preferences and the music you want to listen to.

Balance: Meditation & Sleep is also where you’ll find all the sounds that are most effective at lulling you to sleep. Thousands of audio files not only accompany you throughout the day’s meditations, but also aid in improving your sleep. Each individual now has the opportunity to enjoy their sleep.

You can also try other apps like BetterSleep and Sleep Sounds.

MOD APK version of Balance: Meditation & Sleep

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Subscription: All paid features are unlocked.

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New Feature• Not sure what to try next? Our brand-new Daily Meditation feature is designed to deliver the right meditation for your mood, every time. Check it out for yourself on the Today tab.New Single• Use our Holiday Stress Single to focus on what's impacting you most this season: loneliness, social anxiety, overcommitment, big expectations, or something else.We want to hear from you! Please send your thoughts, questions, and suggestions to

Meditation helps you increase focus during a life full of distractions and find peace in the most stressful moments. This is the most effective healing medicine for the soul that everyone needs to have as the days and ages go by.

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