App Name Avee Music Player Pro
Publisher Daaw Aww
Genre Apps
Size 7.72MB
Latest Version 1.2.123
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Update August 30, 2021

Music Player is one of the essential requirements of a discerning music player to have right in their Smartphone. Built-in music features available on smartphones will often not meet the demand. They are just environments where you can easily open music, and everything like list management, EQ, song search, and a host of other basic features are not available. If you are looking for good Music Player, you can use Avee Music Player (Pro). Currently, the Pro version has not been allowed to be compatible with all devices, but if you use the lite version, it is compatible with all your Android devices.

Most popular media formats supported
One of the most distinctive features that makes it unique in the music player market is the rhythm-based waveform feature that we also call the music wave. It is one of the most fun and eye-catching decorative features that listeners enjoy. If you still don’t know what it is, try searching for a few remixes on YouTube that will quickly understand. You will see a lot of videos made with the effect of a moving icon in the middle of the screen following the rhythm of the song remembers the form of the waves. Avee Music Player (Pro) is capable of doing that easily right on your Android smartphone. Besides, this application, you still care a lot about security so you will be asked to license for its activities.
Basic, this application is used for playing music with light memory data, does not make your smartphone heavy and stagnant. Listening to music with this application can be said to be one of the most rewarding experiences. Just below this article, we will give you the DLC of the pro version that has unlocked all the features. Enjoy it.
UI color skins
Speaking of music features, it gives you a lot of things like folder browsing, audio frequency equalizer filter, adjusting time off between 2 songs, playback ability. They all maximize your fun time with songs. Thanks to using the best technology, Avee Music Player (Pro) gives users the most comfortable moment. You just need to put on your headphones and relax.

However, the application is now known around the world with the ability to visualizer (music wave effect) and create HD videos easily. As described, it will make your videos more attractive. For example, if you are an amateur producer, have fun remixes of the music and contribute to the community, this will make the video you upload to YouTube more attractive. Because you don’t have money to produce an MV, this is enough. Open this application; you have all the tools to make your music video appealing to viewers. Users can choose everything they want, including color/shape/ size, audio response, your own image, and many other tweaks. Besides, users can use visualizer templates as a file and find great versions that are shared online.