App Name Auto Optimizer – Booster , Battery Saver
Publisher HDM Dev Team
Genre Apps
Size 12.3MB
Latest Version 10.1.1 build 352
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 1, 2021

Smartphones gradually become popular in the world, with many different structures and configurations. You can find various functions other than telephoning and messaging with your friends. Specifically, you will be able to surf the web thanks to a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, or record videos and take pictures. It can be affirmed that a smartphone becomes a useful tool to support work for a period of technology development today. But over time, its configuration and performance weaken, and you get annoyed by this. If you are in such a situation, Auto Optimizer – Booster, Battery Saver will help you solve this problem.

Appreciated application
Auto Optimizer – Booster, Battery Saver is an application that helps increase your smartphone’s performance. This application was created with support functionality, so it will not require too much configuration and capacity. This helps users to install on different systems and use them easily.
With useful features, the application has attracted many installs. At the same time, the application is also appreciated on Google Play and received many positive feedbacks. Completing an application always takes a long time to execute, and this application is no exception. In a recent update, the application corrected the outstanding issues. It can be believed that manufacturers always focus on ensuring the user’s experience.
The application uses tones to help you to feel comfortable when getting used to this application. A beautiful interface is one of the factors that make users have a good impression of any product. This app does an outstanding job of this. With simple coloration, you will carefully observe the necessary functions. It can be said; you will feel good to use the application without feeling any difficulty from the color.

You can see that the application divides many different functions. This helps the user to know the specific function and does not waste time searching. With a characteristic white background, the application helps users easily read the features without having any discomfort. It can be said that simplicity brings a better experience for users.

Application to increase productivity using the phone
You often encounter when using your phone is prone to lag; sometimes, this comes from having too many junk files stored. With this application, you can free up storage space and make the device’s performance more stable. This requires that after a certain use, you should take some time to get rid of these types of files so that the machine can run faster.

At the same time, the application also supports memory size display. You will see the size of the free memory, the used size of the memory. From there, you will know how much memory is left of your device so you can uninstall unnecessary apps. Apps you use rarely, but may slow down your phone. So, please consider disassembling them.

For a smartphone, battery capacity is always an issue that just about any user. For some models, the battery may only last for a certain time. To solve this battery drain problem, you can use this app to do it. You can reduce battery consumption, control available installed applications to reduce consumption to a stable level.

At the same time, a feature may be of interest to you, especially those who love gaming. The game has many genres, as well as many different sizes. When using this application, you can optimize your device’s performance while playing games. This helps you to have a stable experience while playing the games you like with your phone.
As for a phone, you will always use it regularly to have many different problems over a long time. One solution that you often use is to restart your computer. When you install this application, it will help keep your usage going smoothly by minimizing possible problems.
Auto Optimizer – Booster, Battery Saver, becomes an application that helps increase your phone’s performance. With simple graphics, users will not take much time to get used to this application. You will feel comfortable being able to learn about each of these functions. Besides, the application also provides functions that make your device more stable and reduce battery consumption. Certainly, Auto Optimizer – Booster, Battery Saver will effectively support the operation of your phone.