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Introduce about AppBlockBlock websites, set a timer for app usage, and receive productivity remindersHow to ignore a notification from social mediaHave you tried playing ...
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Introduce about AppBlock

Block websites, set a timer for app usage, and receive productivity reminders

How to ignore a notification from social media

Have you tried playing Facebook to see how long it takes you to surf each time, or have you tried reading online articles in anticipation of celebrity drama? For instance, each time you watch it quickly, it consumes around a half-hour. Not to mention a slew of additional programs whose allure might drive you insane, such as video editing, listening to music, and viewing movies… can be summed up in a single sentence: Modern life is overburdened with diversions.

Whatever you do or how determined you are, certain notifications will always occur to divert your attention away from your task.

All of this must be resolved immediately or we will be unable to focus on anything else. Although I understand that we should focus on work, thousands of things occur on my phone via notifications on a daily basis. Even if you attempt to ignore it, you cannot.

That is why I need to locate an app that would assist me in navigating this. Finally, after a lengthy period of time, Appblock occurs to me.

What is AppBlock?

In a nutshell, AppBlock is a tool that assists users in regaining attention by temporarily blocking distracting applications on their smartphone or tablet. You can configure this temporary lock mode to apply to a group of apps on your smartphone or to a few select applications during a specified time of day when you require a lot of focus.

Features and benefits

In terms of ease of usage, this AppBlock is straightforward. I’m not really interested in applications that enable this function for phones, and as a result, I’m hesitant to use them and only install them infrequently. However, this is not the case with AppBlock. The first instant you launch the application, you get a sense of convenience and comprehension. Interface in monochrome with only backdrop colors and legible text. Concentrate on the adjusting feature buttons; each action takes only 1-2 touches to complete. As a result, I believe that even those of you who are not particularly tech-savvy may utilize it.

You can save these settings each time you want to restrict specific unique programs for a specific time period. And the next time a comparable requirement arises, simply return to the Settings store and select that Setup again.

What will we have besides blocking apps?

Another advantage that only experienced individuals comprehend. If you have children at home, you may occasionally need to lend them your phone or tablet (like texting a friend, setting up Facebook or learning online, playing a little game). Then you absolutely must download AppBlock to restrict access to any applications on your device that your infant does not use. Why? What if your youngster is utilizing it at the same time as a customer’s Facebook messenger arrives? Your child sees the notification and clicks freely to respond to foolishness, or mistakenly presses the wrong send button, dialing an unknown number. Or, even worse, click on online shopping apps and then order and bill automatically using previously stored credit card information. If technology enters into the hands of youngsters, it will create up to 1001 situations you cannot understand.

Utilize AppBlock to secure unwanted items, prevent the negative affects of machine use, and assist your child in concentrating on tasks. It is preferable to use the application lock mode to restrict access to the program to a specific time of day. As a result, reading books, playing educational games, attending online classes, and socializing with friends all fall within the parameters of the plan you’ve established for your infant. When it is switched off after a specified amount of time, the baby will no longer be able to utilize it and will return to regular toys. Limiting time with technology in a scientific manner protects the baby’s eyes and intellect in the long run.

What is the principle of application locking in AppBlock?

As with locking the door to your house, AppBlock enables you to secure your mobile and tablet apps using passwords. This password can be a secure alphanumeric sequence that can be opened only by you using characters, a fingerprint, or a Gmail account.

When you want to lock your device with an alphanumeric password, AppBlock even provides a simulated random keyboard. You will retype your password using this false keyboard. Thus, even if you install malicious software to view the password, you will be powerless.
Almost AppBlock is compatible with all forms of content on the phone, including programs, photos, and functional tools. Thus, not only will the application be secured, but your phone will also be protected from trespassing during the time periods you specify.

Using AppBlock is also quite straightforward. After granting access to the application, a list of all other applications installed on the device will show. All you have to do is click the button to enable encryption in the row of each application that needs to be secured/blocked in AppBlock. When the option is no longer required, this button can also be used to disable it.

Along with the program blocking capability, you can also configure email notification blocking and a secure browsing mode to alleviate your worry of being watched while using public WiFi.

You might prefer the Forest app if you want to avoid distractions and concentrate on your work.

MOD APK version of AppBlock

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download AppBlock APK & MOD for Android

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To conclude, an application can be considered small and light with a modest capacity, but the ability to block, lock, and secure the application is too strong. AppBlock not only helps you better focus on work, but also blocks many other risks while using the device.

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