App Name App Cloner Premium
Publisher App Cloner Premium
Genre Apps
Size 61.4MB
Latest Version 2.11.1
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Update August 26, 2021

Technology has become more and more modern and has generated many problems — different threads. The mobile application market is extremely diverse and stylish to serve the needs of everyone in the world. Except, thousands of games are released every year, the utilities that help you increase the ability, as well as the maximum performance of smartphones, are also numerous. With a powerful smartphone system at the moment, you can use multitasking applications. This means that users can operate many different applications at the same time. But can you ever want to use the same app, parallel right on your smartphone? To put it simply, for example, if you have 2 Facebook Accounts, you can have it run on a smartphone at the same time. It’s too good to text each other LOL.

The first thing to say about this application is that it has just been removed from Google Play so you cannot download it on this app platform. These are just a few minor issues between publisher and Google, so without having to worry about it having any security issues. You can still find a photo app called App Cloner Premium on Google Play, but it is only a module to activate the premium account of this application. You cannot use that data to make this application work. There are two most basic ways for you to get the App Cloner apk file, which is downloaded directly under this article or can also be downloaded on its homepage.

Make copies for any application

App Cloner is an application that will help you comfortably use an application with multiple copies of parallel activities right on a smartphone. For example, before you need to log in to another Facebook account, other than your account, you will have to log out. With “App Cloner,” users simply create a Facebook clone and then log in to the account that they want to activate. Both things will work in parallel without affecting and conflicting each other’s data. This powerful feature works on nearly all current applications. However, certain limitations come from conflicts between the publisher and Google. This means that for all Google Google services that require app certificates like Google account logins, Google Play Services, Google Play Games, Google Drive backup or in-app purchases, WILL NOT WORK! Perhaps this is a big hole that needs to have the discussion of AppListo and the media giant. Perhaps it is the story of each of us that we do not need to discuss at present.

Customize icons, permissions application

This application can create sincere, independent, installable clones and integrate many other features. However, you can see that its extremely light capacity has only 14MB. With such a powerful utility and so bright capacity, it is popular with many people. More than 5 million are downloaded right from the original application released on the website, and those published on other platforms are also over one million. If you sum it up, maybe it’s a pretty big number. Its new updates are also regularly released so that users can solve the major problems encountered during use. If you encounter some application-related issues, you can contact the publisher directly. They will give you the right answers.

If you want to create a perfect copy of an application, App Cloner Premium is too suitable for that. So when you want to create copies that can be modified? App Cloner also gives you that factor. Users can change the app name and icon. Users are also allowed to remove permissions or allow a cloned app to be installed on the SD-card. Generally, there are many variations that you can do on this application. Downloading and finding out is not too late.