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Apex Legends Mobile

Electronic Arts
Name Apex Legends Mobile
Package com.ea.gp.apexlegendsmobilefps
Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Shooter
Version 0.8.1330.22
Size 3G
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Apex Legends Mobile: A worthwhile alternative to PUBG?Apex Legends Mobile is a first-person shooter with a battle royale mode developed by ...
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Apex Legends Mobile: A worthwhile alternative to PUBG?

Apex Legends Mobile is a first-person shooter with a battle royale mode developed by EA or, more precisely, Respawn and published for free on three platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This game was met with some skepticism due to the fact that it marked EA’s first foray into the Battle Royale genre. However, Apex Legends Mobile is a pleasantly surprising game. The game reached ten million players within three days of its release. That is a stunning figure! However, additional time will be required to see whether the game will achieve the same level of success as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile.

History line

Apex Legends’ PC/Console version has a number of advantages, including stunning graphics, excellent gameplay, outstanding balance, and simple player communication. The game reached 25 million players within a week of its launch.

This success has prompted EA to consider developing games for mobile platforms in order to compete with today’s top battle royale titles such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile. EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated specifically: “We believe that a cross-platform game is critical for the future, and we intend to expand our efforts in the mobile space… We’ll begin planning how to develop Apex Legends’ mobile version, and I expect the game to be a hit in Asia as well”
Apex Legends Mobile was created as a result of this.

Many changes compared to a traditional battle royale

Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe that adds some spice to titles like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch. Each match features 60 players split into twenty teams. You’ll take on one of eight available legends and work with two teammates to locate the final surviving squad. Apex Legends Mobile’s distinguishing feature from other games in the category is its character. Each character possesses a distinct ability, which we shall discuss below, and therefore choosing your character can unlock a variety of diverse approaches, enhancing the game’s appeal and predictability.

Despite the fact that this is the first version, I am barely aware of the control delay. Everything is really adaptable and fluid; the only downside is that, unlike Titanfall, you cannot run up the wall. Is a varied battle royale game in which you can swing ropes, leap over barriers, and slide down slopes. If your team is unfortunate enough to be handicapped and wishes to escape, slope sliding is the most effective method. It’s critical to understand that when you jump from above to the ground, you never lose HP. That is, you can jump from the twentieth story without fear of injury.

At the start of the game, the battle royale element persists. You and 59 other players take a helicopter ride down to the map. The starting position you choose has a significant impact on how you approach the match. Following that, you must swiftly locate the required tools, guns, and armor to ensure that you are prepared to confront any adversary. Teamwork is critical if your team is to succeed, and the developer complies. If you pick up your teammate’s banner in a timely manner and carry it to a predetermined spot on the map during a match, you still have a chance to revive them.

You can also try other games like N.O.V.A. Legacy and Otherworld Legends.

Information of eight legends

  • Bangalore (Anita Williams, 35): She makes an outstanding soldier. She rapidly demonstrated her extraordinary fighting prowess and became the best soldier in this force after being born into a family of five brothers who participated in the IMC force. Anita’s primary weapon is a grenade launcher; she also possesses the ability to move quickly and the ultimate power to request air force assistance in bombing.
  • Bloodhound: Little information is available regarding this character. This is the character who has the power to track down and sniff out players hiding in plain sight. The ultimate ability of this character is Beast of the Hunt. He is a bloodthirsty hunter in the best sense of the word.
  • Caustic (real name: Alexander Nox, 48): The best scientist at Humbert Laboratories, an expert in the utilization of poisonous gases. His whole skill set is based on Nox, and he enjoys using it to construct traps and bombs.
  • Gibraltar (real name: Makoa Gibraltar, 30) is a compassionate individual who enjoys assisting others. Makoa’s ability to create a barrier to shield both teammates and himself demonstrates this.
  • Lifeline (real name: Ajay Che, 24): If Gibraltar serves as the team’s shield, Lifeline serves as the team’s physician. As with Soraka and Zilean in LOL, Lifeline possesses the power to heal AOE and restore her teammates, as well as a large stockpile of critical medications.
  • Mirage (Real name: Elliott Witt, 30)
  • Pathfinder (Model: MRVN, age: Unknown): This robot is capable of leaping great distances and generating a hook wire to assist the squad in swinging through the terrain.
  • At the moment, the game’s only witch is Wraith. She is stealthy, detects danger, and most importantly, she can establish a shortcut for the entire squad to easily go to any location.

New map, new gameplay

Apex Legends Mobile includes only one map, Kings Canyon, at the time of writing this article. It has a total area of 60 square meters. Kings Canyon is a work of art in terms of design, with its different sceneries and topography. You can pillage a factory, snipe from a high-rise structure and then leap to your death, or fight in a war-torn forest. Additionally, there are numerous caverns, woodlands, and hills, allowing players to develop their own strategies.


Apex Legends Mobile is optimized for touch screens, with carefully managed virtual keys. You can test out the publisher’s most cutting-edge innovations.

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