Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Name Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Package com.nintendo.zaca
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Category Simulation
Version 5.0.4
Size 171M
Requires Android 5.0 Network required
MOD Features No
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About Animal Crossing: Pocket CampAnimal Crossing is a Nintendo game series that continues to be published, in which players live in a village of diverse animals and engage in human-like ac...
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About Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo game series that continues to be published, in which players live in a village of diverse animals and engage in human-like activities such as fishing, capturing insects, and fossil hunting. This game series has open gameplay, with a real-time calendar and timer. Animal Crossing has been distributed on a global scale, with titles such as Animal Crossing (2001), Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005), Animal Crossing: City Folk (2008), and Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2010). (2013). Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (2015), as well as the most recent title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017).

Nintendo launched each installment of the series on a certain platform, including the GameCube, the Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iOS. And the game I mentioned today, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is a free download for Android and iOS devices (Including iPhone and iPad). Nintendo began work on the project two years ago, but it was postponed when they decided to focus on another project called Super Mario Run, and we have just recently been allowed to experience it. The game has a strong resemblance to an Avatar World-themed game that was popular in Vietnam about three or four years ago.


Essentially, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a continuation of the series’ previous installments. Specifically, the player will be converted into a human being who moves into a tiny camp, where he or she will govern the settlement and interact with the local residents and animals. The game does not have a clear objective for the player; instead, the player will live in a certain location and engage in activities such as camping, collecting stuff, performing little tasks, buying and selling, and decorating their own home.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp features extensive customization options that significantly impact the game’s result. To begin, you can select a gender for your character and give it a name; additionally, you can purchase various sorts of clothing and accessories, as well as alter your haircut… Any location can be enhanced by decorating, expanding, and adding furniture. Additionally, you can change your name through the use of actual money.

Collect items

Collecting ornamental stuff is considered to be the game’s primary objective; you can do so by traveling to surrounding amusement parks, assisting inhabitants and Animals in need, and collecting rewards. After that, you can proceed to the blacksmith’s workshop to create furniture. Additionally, you can look for these minerals physically by strolling along the beaches and adjacent islands. The game includes additional free-to-play games. Additionally, fishing is a regular component; you can use fishing rods or a net to catch additional fish. This is an enjoyable sport, and fish can also be utilized as raw material for game furniture.

Additionally, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp utilizes a virtual money called Leaf Ticket, which is used to purchase game-related products. Leaf Tickets can be earned by selling in-game products, participating in minigames, or purchasing them with real money.

Interact with other players

The ability to interact with other animals and players is a unique feature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Different animals have varying preferences, and by creating a pleasant and unique campground, you may attract them and boost your “friendship” level with them. Alternatively, you can trade your IDs with friends to allow them to visit your campsite if they have Internet access. Because this game is based on a real-world time and calendar system, the game’s activities will always change with the seasons and even throughout the year.


This time, Nintendo has allowed enough time for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to feature some truly stunning 3D graphics in a lighthearted cartoon manner. The game features exquisite details and vibrant, highly visible effects.

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Download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK for Android

If developed well enough and appropriate, even Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may have the potential to be one of Nintendo’s most exciting mobile games. Apparently a free-to-play game like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp turned out to be more attractive and attractive to players than a paid game like Super Mario Run. In general, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is quite attractive to people who love life simulation games. And this game is free (mod version is available) and supports many different languages.

You can play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK by downloading the game via the link below, which is available for both Android and iOS. You will need an Android 4.2 or higher or iOS 8.0 or higher to play this game.

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