Arcade Angry Birds 2 (MOD, Diamonds/EnergyBlack Pearls)

Angry Birds 2 (MOD, Diamonds/EnergyBlack Pearls)

  • Publisher: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Version: 2.42.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Size: 170M
  • Update: July 7, 2020 at 12:04 pm
  • Available at: Google Play


Whenever people mention the name of Rovio, surely everyone will think of the legendary former fans crazy Fans – Angry Birds. Bring a very interesting game, though simple game but the experience is not simple. It was interesting that Rovio was famous at the time. However, until now the products of the company are still interested and warmly welcome. And one of the most successful products is Angry Birds 2. After a long time launching Angry Birds, Rovio has re-released the second version of the game. But because of the success that Angry Birds has achieved from the days before, the new and improved appeal of the second version is enough to get it out of the shadow that his men created. And as expected, the sales that Rovio made from Angry Birds 2 have made it all clear.

Best bird action game!

Keeps the storyline as it was in the first version, Angry Birds 2 talks about the fight between mad birds and piggy bands invading their homes. But to increase the novelty and appeal, Rovio has added other bird and pig characters, including King Pig. Angry Birds 2 has over 10 chapters, each containing up to 40 levels. This gives our new characters a lot of ground to play, not afraid of being overshadowed by previously ingenious elements. In addition to fighting the same old pig as the old version, players will be challenged with the boss screen at the end of each chapter. These pigs are not simple, dealing with it requires you to use the flexible function of each bird. The comprehensive calculation will be a key to help you complete the present challenge.

The interesting thing is that each screen will have 3-4 levels to complete. But not every screen will return the original birds, but the remaining birds are the number of weapons you can complete. Not to mention the troubled pigs lying in the last bar so the destruction of the pigs is not easy. The demand for computation and alignment is the crux of the matter. Like the first version, you can choose any bird to start with. The tasks on the screen are also a big challenge for you, so pay attention to everything to have the best solution.


course for a game developed from the original, Angry Birds 2 will own more improvements compared to its predecessor. Not as simple as the previous, effects and images are more beautiful, more lovely, more splendid and more magnificent. The details are described in animation, making things more flexible, no longer “hardy” as the first version. The layout of the game remains the same. New features include a variety of backgrounds from various chapters and levels, making the experience enjoyable to keep from being boring. The sound is slightly improved but still keeps the fun of the game.


Bring in the amazing improvements over its predecessor, Angry Birds 2 will be the right entertainment option for you. Angry Birds 2 will be more special to those who have been fans of Angry Birds 1. This is a big gift after a long absence of Rovio players. So take advantage of the free Angry Birds 2 game right now.


1. MOD MENU2. Unlimited Gems3. Unlimited Life4. Score Multiplier5. No Added Ads

Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.


1. Infinite energy (not wasted when using)2. After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mode, in which diamonds and pearls can be made endless (can be banned for active use)

Angry Birds 2 [MOD1 V2.42.0] [APK Installer]