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Update April 12, 2021

The famous drama starlet Alizeh Shah opened up about her biggest insecurity on Instagram. The actress wanted to let everyone know about her insecurities in the showbiz industry. In her latest Instagram story, she has asked everyone to embrace their insecurities and try living with them.

Alizeh Shah

Pakistan’s most favorite actress is struggling with something very common in our society. And almost every other person in Pakistani showbiz has once or always struggles with the same insecurity


What is Alizeh Shah’s Biggest Insecurity?

As everyone knows, the Pakistani showbiz industry is kinda color and skincare conscious. All the actresses and actors need to be fair in color with clear skin to play lead roles. Beauty is defined by color and clear skin in the industry. Alizeh Shah told her mind and heart to the fans pertaining to this absurd discrimination

Alizeh Shah acne

Posting a close-up picture of her face with pimples, the actress said “biggest insecurity on display.” It means Alizeh Shah is struggling with the fair & clear skin dilemma of our society and the industry she’s working in. But she now wants to overcome her biggest insecurity of acne worthwhile highlighting her struggle before fans.


A message from Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah

The ‘Ehd-E-Wafa’ star has said, “living a happy life with acne is possible.” All those people who are shy of their faces due to acne or dark skin tone must not measure their beauty with these worldly standards.

A message from Alizeh Shah

We’ve summed up her Instagram post in the following words,

 “once you see your own beauty, everyone else will.”

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