App Name Alight Motion
Publisher Alight Motion Pro
Genre Apps
Size 89..MB
Latest Version 3.9.0
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Update August 26, 2021

Take one reckless attempt to see if your friends are in awe? With Alight Motion, you’re sure to amaze you with professional editing functions right on your device. As you know, video editing always requires different software and complex manipulation. They take a very long time for you to learn and use them well. Not to mention, to use it requires specific professional knowledge and must go through school training for a long time. But with this application for you, it can help create impressive videos, but very simply and quickly.


Be trendy and embrace new that are updated regularly. Catch the trend right away to join the young, growing, vibrant, and full of personality. Alight Motion – Video And Animation Editor confidently gives you a new look and style through professionally edited and edited videos. This is the number one application for modern graphics to appear first on video editing applications right on the devices you use every day. There is an increasing demand for videos as a form of advertising and entertainment. So the emergence of applications and editing specialists also appears more and more.

Video is one of the most effective means of delivering content and interacting. Businesses also choose this form as a top product advertising method. It always receives excellent attention from potential customers, even those who have never contacted the product. But not everyone knows how and enough skill to create a video that attracts viewers. As you all know, it is not easy to create a complete video. It requires a lot of elements. Skills and support tools are also wealthy; not everyone can do it in a day or two. But now that you have Alight Motion – Video And Animation Editor, it’s all so easy.

You can freely create your own videos right on your phone or laptop for daily use. There is no need to go to photo galleries or ask experts to do it. It takes time and money, but it is unlikely that they have done what they want to convey through that video. With the newly updated effects system, you can freely choose according to your preferences. Get more freedom and convenience with a preset function for smooth and easy operations. Countless new effects have just been added and improved old effects, sure to satisfy any user, even the most demanding customers.

Interesting effects can be used such as Rotate hexagon tiles, turn hexagon tiles, … The app improved from the smallest details such as dots, blurring effects, mosaic masking, unwanted information appear in the video … Almost all effects in the old version are edited and upgraded to become sharper, more beautiful. For added effects, the first time using, users will be instructed in a specific way on how to use, effect, and how to maximize their advantages.


For the first time you use it, there may be some difficulties. Simply, compared to the old version with many technical errors, Alight Motion – Video And Animation Editor have been upgraded a lot in the latest updated version. Apply the latest and most remarkable technologies to create a desirable, performance-enhanced video that leaves you with some trouble when you’re not mastering it. But if you take a little time to learn and under our detailed guidance, you will find that the effort is worth it.

The upgraded version is not to make users difficult or challenging, but to improve service quality so that the products you create make others admire and learn. Give users the best quality products, making customers most satisfied. Our mission and our goal are when we intend to create the Alight Motion brand – Video And Animation Editor.


Those are the variety of novel graphics and sound layers, color and visual editing effects, exclusive to Alight Motion – Video And Animation Editor. It creates a variety of frame animations. You just have to choose. Don’t forget, and you have the right to default filters you use often and feel suitable for many videos you use. This will help you to save significant time and minimize operations during use. Reduce animation speed to make images smoother and more reasonable. You can use and adjust it in the toolbar, in the presets.

Export MP4 videos and create trends with funny photo GIFs. It’s great to create photo GIFs with yourself as the main character, to send to friends and relatives. Try to make your own mark by leaving it under the comments, be proud of yourself because only you have it. And more importantly, you have designed and edited it yourself. Life is so light and joyful. The color gradient effect is also the highlight of this version looks so flexible, varied. Save the effects or features you love the most, so it’s easy to find and use for later use.


All products you want to get out of the supermarket must be paid for in order to be taken home. However, to be able to create a professional video like Alight Motion – Video And Animation Editor, you do not have to pay any fees. Because the trust and joy you get while using the app is our greatest motivation to improve this product. So do not forget to introduce more friends and relatives to experience together. We are very grateful for that.

However, if you want to access some of the software’s professional and premium features, you will have to pay for it. And it will automatically renew until you cancel the package. Your subscription will be through an account and could be canceled via Google Play. It’s all done simply and quickly. Be assured about this. We always bring the most comfortable moments for customers to use.

Did Alight Motion – Video And Animation Editor please you. With the outstanding features we introduced above, I hope you will know how to create impressive videos for yourself. And with a new application, there are likely to be minor flaws. We hope to receive your comments after the experience. That is the driving force for us to create better products next time.