Adorable Home

Adorable Home

Name Adorable Home
Package com.hyperbeard.adorablehome
Publisher Hyperbeard
Category Simulation
Version 1.21.5
Size 102M
Requires Android 4.4 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about Adorable HomeIf you're looking for the most popular game of 2020, this is it. Today, social media platforms are saturated with...
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Introduce about Adorable Home

If you’re looking for the most popular game of 2020, this is it. Today, social media platforms are saturated with photographs of Adorable Home. Due to the simple yet incredibly engaging gameplay, many players have picked an exceptionally cute game from the publisher HyperBeard as a fun game to play in their free time. The game, in particular, provides you with extremely charming but difficult love stories, asking you to fight for your happiness every day.

You may be certain that HyperBeard games will not disappoint you. They are always inspired by adorable creatures to produce adorable, straightforward, and engaging games. Several of their titles, such as KleptoCats 2 and Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys!, have a sizable following. Join me in finding why their latest game, Adorable Home, has become a mobile gaming craze.

Write your love story

You can choose a character to represent yourself and a character to be your mate at the start of the game. You may select any character, including a gay love story between two male or female characters. Yours is the option.

Your chapter starts when you and your partner move into a charming small apartment along with a fluffy white cat named Snow. Here, you and your loved one begin a new life together. You lead a relatively tranquil life. Each morning, while your beloved leaves for work, it is your responsibility to remain at home and care for your home, garden, and, in particular, mischievous cats. While it may appear straightforward, Adorable Home will provide you with numerous obstacles. In the game, give it a try.


The game’s primary medium of exchange is love. It assists you in meeting all of your financial obligations. You can earn love by caring for cats, cooking dinner, watching advertisements, or watching television… By watching advertisements, you can earn up to five times each day. Furthermore, you can purchase Love with cash. Downloading our Adorable Home MOD APK is the simplest way to increase your Love.

Decorate your home

When you initially move into a home, it is recently renovated, consisting primarily of a sofa, a rug, a television, and a coffee table. It is relatively sparsely populated and lacks sufficient services. Purchase more furnishings to assist in the modernization of your home.

Avoid being obsessed with the house to the exclusion of other areas. For 3000 Love, you can immediately unlock the garden. Following that, you might purchase garden accents such as trees, swings, and etc.

Take care of the pet

When you play Adorable Home, your primary focus will be on pet care. While the cats appear to be quite cute and gentle in this game, they are always bothersome when you take care of them. You must take care of three distinct forms of care:

  • To cut the cat’s nails, swipe the screen. Their paws will constantly move, complicating your task. If you cause harm to your cat, he will become extremely upset.
  • If you cause harm to your cat, he will become extremely upset. The majority of cats despise bathing. They are constantly irritated and offended whenever they are compelled to shower. To change the temperature of the shower and bathe the cat in the game, you must tilt the screen. Bathing cats is, in my opinion, Adorable Home’s most challenging chore.
  • Stroking: This is a rather straightforward assignment. Stroking your kitties in the posture they desire. To choose the proper spot to stroke, you must memorize each cat’s sleeping position.

Additionally, you can get a large number of cats for your apartment or other creatures such as dogs or birds. Each pet demonstrates passive affection toward you. To my mind, you should acquire a large number of pets in order to experience an abundance of love in the near future. Take selfies with your adorable pets!

Take care of your love

Along with caring for your pet, you must give your partner your undivided attention. For her, prepare a bento. You purchase meals for your partner using Love. If they enjoy your cuisine, they will shower you with affection.

If you have lost interest in her, she may leave you. Additionally, you can end your relationship with your lover in exchange for 1000 Love.

You can also try other apps like Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures and Home Street.

Graphics & sound

Despite the comic’s simplistic two-dimensional graphics, HyperBeard pays close attention to every detail. Everything is very adorable, from the kitties to the house, the garden, the trees, the house’s interior, and the tableware. Adorable Home is similar to a romantic book in which you play the lead role. The house’s space lends itself perfectly to a lovely love story. It is not excessively vast, but the environment, space, and everything else are as beautiful as a painting. You can modify the weather in particular to alter the exterior landscape.

Additionally, HyperBeard understands how to select music for their games. You enjoy melodic and beautiful music while you play. It enhances the romance of your love tale and inspires you to write more engaging narratives.

MOD APK version of Adorable Home

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Love is the only currency in the game. Any activity you can provide you with some Love. And you also use Love to pay for everything in the game. The MOD version of HOSTZFEVER gives you unlimited Love. Therefore, you can freely shop and pay for everything in the game.

Note when using the MOD version

Your money will increase when used instead of decreasing.
If you have not received your money yet, leave a comment below the article. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Download Adorable Home APK & MOD for Android

There are many reasons for Adorable Home to have such a strong attraction. The game also gives players many meaningful messages about love and life. Don’t look down on the small things you do every day with your lover. In the game, you will have more Love, and in real life, it will help your love more romantic and happy.

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