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Adobe Lightroom

Name Adobe Lightroom
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Version 7.3.1
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Requires Android 6.0
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Introduce about Adobe LightroomEveryone's interest for photography has been inspired by the powerful camera on mobile devices. Nowadays, it is not just about preserving memorable moments...
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Introduce about Adobe Lightroom

Everyone’s interest for photography has been inspired by the powerful camera on mobile devices. Nowadays, it is not just about preserving memorable moments in life; the majority of people desire gorgeous and glittering photographs to share on social media. However, in order to create a stunning photograph, you must possess extensive understanding of picture editing and be proficient in the usage of PC-based editing tools. It is highly difficult and requires a great deal of skill and effort to learn how to operate. That is why many people turn to photo editing software for mobile devices.

If you’re wanting to take your photography to the next level, this photography program will transform your images. Adobe Lightroom does not merely apply a forced filter to your photographs; it also has a rich collection of photo editing features formerly available solely on Macs.

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Are you familiar with Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Lightroom is Adobe’s photography application. Adobe is the undisputed king of photo editing software across multiple platforms. In comparison to complicated picture editing software for the PC, this application features an intuitive design that is extremely user-friendly. Even if you lack experience with photo editing, you may still download and utilize it proficiently. Adobe Lightroom was previously created for a variety of other systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Of course, the Android version misses a slew of capabilities in comparison to the PC or macOS versions. However, this unintentionally simplified the process of using this application for consumers. With a few simple editing steps, you can create a stunning image to share with friends and family. The following are some of Adobe Lightroom’s features. Additionally, you can make use of additional picture editing tools such as VSCO and PicsArt.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom includes all of the essential tools for mobile picture editing. Cropping and rotating your photos enables you to achieve the optimal aspect ratio. Cropping the image manually or using predefined ratios is an option. With Rotate, you may modify the angle of your shot to suit your needs. Simply use your finger to rotate the snapshot to the desired angle. It’s never been easier to improve the lighting and color of photographs. With the slider design, you can simply alter the color and lighting of your photos, giving them a more refined appearance. Additionally, the Brush Healing function enables you to eliminate any unwanted elements from your images, regardless of their size. Do you wish to retain ownership of your photographs? Select Sharing with watermark in Preferences to enable the watermark. However, this application does not support picture or logo watermarks, only text watermarks. You can customize the watermark’s font size and position. Adobe Lightroom includes a built-in camera in addition to photo editing features. After utilizing, I believe that this application’s camera is on a par with other popular camera applications available today. All of the features required for a camera are present. Additionally, you may easily edit your photos using Adobe’s filters.

Several filters are available

  • Creative: This filter imparts a vintage vibe to your images.
  • Color: With a variety of colors available, this filter enhances the warmth of your images.
  • Detail: When taking a photograph at night with low-resolution cameras, certain details will be lost in the noise. This filter helps you minimize noise and enhances the realism and detail in your photographs.
  • B&W: Photograph in black and white.

Supports all RAW file formats

The program enables you to capture images in six RAW formats (the file format that contains all the data acquired by the image sensor, allowing for additional editing) and fine-tune a variety of components. Naturally, you may choose from the various subtle editing settings, but you can also isolate certain sections of the image for additional tweaking. Even better, if you photograph the same scene or object numerous times, you can effortlessly apply the same editing effects to each photo. Despite this, your devices will immediately sync the changes you make.

Share your photos to the world

In the Discover area, you’ll find a collection of stunning images from the world’s greatest editors. Adobe Lightroom integrates with a number of prominent social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have a fantastic photograph, please do not hesitate to share it with the world.

Upgrade the power with the Premium version

Adobe Lightroom is a completely free application to download. To use this program, you must first download it to your phone and then log in (using your Adobe, Facebook, or Google account). However, the application’s free version lacks a plethora of features and professional editing capabilities. To upgrade to the Premium edition, you must pay $ 10 every month of access. The Premium version includes the following advanced features:

  • Copy Settings: If you’ve created an incredible modification and want to apply it to another image, this tool makes it simple and quick.
  • Tone Curve: The feature that makes the objects on your image come alive and stand out.
  • Copy the original image and upload it to the cloud in its entirety. It is available for download on any device.
  • Geometry, Upright, and Guided Upright tools will assist you in effortlessly adjusting perspective.
  • Healing Brush: Delete an object in the photo correctly, conveniently and quickly.
  • Automatic photo tagging enables faster categorization and search.

MOD Premium version of Adobe Lightroom

Features of the MOD version

Premium Unlocked: The MOD version has unlocked Premium, allowing you to use the application’s advanced features for free.

Note when using the MOD version

After you install the MOD version, you need to log in with your Adobe ID account to use it. If the app is force closed suddenly, just reopen it.

Download Adobe Lightroom MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Adobe Lightroom

- Masking: Selective is renamed Masking, letting you use multiple selection tools to create complex selections; Includes Color & Luminance Masks - Masking: Select Subject & Sky - AI selects the subject or sky in the photo to apply edits to; Requires minimum 6GB RAM - Recommended Presets: AI suggests the best community presets based on your photo - Premium Presets: 75+ new hand-crafted presets - Better Library Performance: Now your library is quicker to load & interact with

Basically, Adobe Lightroom meets all the needs of users for a mobile photo-editing application. With tons of filters and great editing tools, this application will turn your original photos into beautiful and sparkling than ever.

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