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adidas Training

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Introduce about adidas Training appExercise at home with routines created individually for each muscle area, the ideal PT for your household.Why do you need a virtual PT at home?...
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Introduce about adidas Training app

Exercise at home with routines created individually for each muscle area, the ideal PT for your household.

Why do you need a virtual PT at home?

You have footwear and workout clothes, but you lack the motivation to practice daily. During the Covid pandemic, it is impossible to visit a gym staffed by real PTs. Is this sufficient motivation for you to find a workout-supporting software that you can use daily?

In fact, it is indisputable that the benefits and motivation of practice are always abundant when directly entering a gym, directly meeting a personal trainer, and directly conversing, listening, and being guided. However, sometimes circumstances, time, and time zone do not let it, and even in the middle of a complex pandemic, staying at home is the most vital option. How to shock the mind to exercise at home to enhance health?

The adidas Training app is a program I’ve been using for a month that has shown to be surprisingly useful. Prior to downloading the app, I gave it much thought and consideration. In actuality, however, my training has progressed significantly. Obviously inferior to training in a gym with a personal trainer, but also superior to practicing alone without any assistance. In addition, it is superior than the apps now available.

Some big differences of adidas Training app

Initially, the application is both disciplined and adaptable. The adidas Training app will assist you in developing a distinct and diverse training schedule. It is adaptable based on the time and circumstances of each person. Need a fast workout? Choose 5-7-minute exercises. If you have the time, there are 30-45 minute workouts available on the app. For instance, plank exercises only require three to five minutes per session, but they must be performed multiple times daily. And jogging can last up to 30 minutes, with the duration and frequency altering from week to week.

The second thing I enjoy about this program is that it was developed by Adidas, but it does not require any expensive equipment for the exercises and tutorials it offers. You will be instructed to perform simple-to-complex actions on your own, without the use of aids, but with sufficient motivation and positive results from consistent practice.

In the end, it’s small, and no one can do it all, but it will offer you more motivation and pleasure. The adidas Training app contains over 180 activities with varying levels of difficulty. All of these workouts are geared toward enhancing physical strength, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced and always accompanied by instructional films and time allotments according to each level.

Some unique features you may love

In addition to the aforementioned interesting aspects, when I use it, I also observe a few little features that are highly useful to everyone, including:

  • You can post your practice selfies on prominent social networks using the app. Ideally suited for selfie enthusiasts who frequently share ordinary moments.
  • With mobile alarm clocks, reminders, calendar links, and alarm clocks, the adidas Training app also allows me to monitor my training closely. At the conclusion of each training session, statistics and outcomes from the training day are always provided. This is both a reminder and an excellent motivator for users, especially those with goldfish brains like mine.
  • A compilation of health care support knowledge, including food, nutrients to complement before activity, and equipment suited to your needs. Overall, this library contains the vast majority of the knowledge necessary for home practice.
  • Additionally, a variety of social sports programs and activities are continuously added to the adidas Training app. Whether you choose to participate or not, or at least read about them, you will have a clearer understanding of the significance of health and be better equipped to spread the word about the benefits of exercise.

Workout Creator is the feature that should never be forgotten. Each distinct muscle group has its own unique training plan. And moreover, a function I have not seen on any home workout software. Simply select a certain muscle area and specify the training duration, and the application will automatically construct and provide you with a series of workouts tailored to your needs. Our duty is to simply read, observe, and adhere to the time in order to attain the best level of efficiency. That’s all. It is a virtual personal trainer, correct?

You can also try other apps like Daily Workouts, Home Workout and Gym WP.

MOD APK version of adidas Training app

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download adidas Training app MOD APK for Android

Simple, modern, beautiful interface. Nice features, easy to understand, easy to follow, specific instructions, with standard video tutorials. Unique Workout Creator feature designed for each muscle group. Now for me, the adidas Training app is an indispensable app in my phone, even if I change dozens of smartphones later, it’s still the first thing I download.

What's Latest New adidas Training

Your Training Statistics have been improved! You can now see overall increases during a time period. Premium membership holders can also compare their progress for different time periods too.We’ve also tweaked the design of the radar chart. You can now easily see which body parts you’re working the most and where you might want to catch up.

What about you? If you have the same interest in training, then download adidas Training app and use it right away.

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