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AdGuard VPN

Adguard Software Limited
Name AdGuard VPN
Package com.adguard.vpn
Publisher Adguard Software Limited
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Version 4.0.73
Size 31M
Requires Android 5.0 Network required
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Introduce about AdGuard VPNAdGuard VPN is a service that is provided by AdGuard Software. This application can assist you in blocking intrusive video advertisements while also providing a p...
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Introduce about AdGuard VPN

AdGuard VPN is a service that is provided by AdGuard Software. This application can assist you in blocking intrusive video advertisements while also providing a private internet connection for you to use more safely.

VNP applications are extremely common at the moment. Among the popular applications I mentioned previously are, ExpressVPN, InternetGuard, and Panda VPN Pro. However, because they lack an ad-blocking feature, they frequently fall short of user expectations. To address this gap, AdGuard VPN was created, and this post will provide an overview of the application. Please exercise caution and consideration before to downloading!

Access the internet more securely

Today, since the internet has become widespread, hotspots are built in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, schools, workplaces, and convenience stores. These networks, however, are not truly secure. As a result, the VPN was developed to provide consumers with greater peace of mind when using public networks.

AdGuard VPN conceals the user’s IP address throughout the connecting process by establishing a private tunnel within the network. Hackers and other bad guys will be unable to discover, attack, or take data.

Additionally, many consumers questioned how successfully AdGuard VPN is hidden. AdGuard Software once responded that they had developed a distinct protocol that impersonates as normal network traffic in order to communicate data between two network ends. As a result, capturing the packet and intercepting the communication will be a significant problem.

Discover some restricted content

Numerous countries and areas around the world are currently enforcing content restriction rules. Individuals with IP addresses that differ from those provided by carriers in the area will be blocked, and all restricted content will be hidden concurrently. VPN is once again advantageous, as it conceals the user’s true IP address, allowing the user to cross the barrier.

Certain types of content or the user’s country prohibit the transfer of content between countries. For example, China and Vietnam both prohibit access to Facebook and anything rated 18+. AdGuard VPN enables users to view all of that content.

Fast internet speed

Speed is a trade-off that customers must make while using a VPN service in order to access more content. AdGuard VPN beats other VPN apps because to its network of servers spread throughout five continents and sixteen countries, including Australia, the United States of America, Spain, the Netherlands, Singapore, and India. As a result, the user’s internet browsing speed is greatly increased.

No more annoying ads

In comparison to other VPN services, AdGuard VPN offers two distinct advantages: VPN information transfer protocol and adblocking.

Concerning the protocol, I have already mentioned it. If you’re not using AdGuard VPN, you’ll need to install an extension or a third-party program to prevent ads. As can be seen, this is a very convenient arrangement. All files attempting to read cookies, history, or data stored in the user’s device memory will be blocked by the application. Simultaneously, it blocks javascript files from carrying advertisements. You will not be harassed while maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data from third parties.

Additionally, when using AdGuard VPN to browse the internet, all history is wiped when the app is closed. This is a true private network that leaves no trace.


By default, when you launch AdGuard VPN, it will function with all of your device’s games, apps, and browsers. This can be changed in the “Apps Settings” section. This is quite useful when it comes to specifying which programs will use the VPN.

For instance, I frequently disable my VPN when playing PUBG Mobile in order to compete against localized gamers. It assists me in decreasing delay and enables me to speak with one another more readily.

MOD APK version of AdGuard VPN

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: Premium features and regions have been unlocked.

How to use AdGuard VPN MOD

After installing AdGuard VPN MOD APK, use any email to register and use the service of the application completely free of charge.

Download AdGuard VPN MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New AdGuard VPN

This version contains mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.

It’s not hard to find a VPN app for mobile devices. But an app with a good service, ad-blocking and completely free like AdGuard VPN is not much.
So, through this article, you have had a better overview of what AdGuard VPN can do. Please download and experience it!

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