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Update August 31, 2021

Are you a big fan of soccer? You do not want to miss any of the pinnacle matches of king sports? Want to update your magical moments? Not only that, but you also want to be able to have an overview of the whole game, want a fairer appreciation for those players who play quietly and get less attention than good players have made a score or assist? And if you love football so much, perhaps an application from 365Scores LTD is probably a better gift for you – an application that you can track the parameters as well as live match play. And that’s the 365Scores – not just football matches, but basketball games from NBA, MLS baseball and NFL competitions along with it. many other interesting sports. This app is really a treasure trove of information for those who love and love sports, and definitely an indispensable address for you to be able to update the latest developments on a regular basis and directly. But in this review, we will look concentrically at football.

The interface is simple but full of things you want to know

In terms of interface, 365Scores owns an extremely simple style but also extremely luxurious and most importantly effective. That means that the information is distributed very clearly, which means that you will be very easy to watch and follow the match analysis, the parameters of shots, the amount of time to control the ball, the number of fouls in the game as well as how many shots a player has had, how many tackles or how many chances have created in that match, as well as knowing who is a good player along the match. Because simply not just scoring will become the best player in the game, but it also depends on many other factors – which will help you exploit the hidden corners that you rarely notice in a midfielder or a defender. Another advantage is the ability to replicate the goal – the way the goal was scored, that is, you will see only the players who participated in that goal, not just the goalscorers or assists. , but also the person who steals the ball to launch the attack as well as spark that goal – because sometimes it is an art, a very unique style that you can hardly ever witness again.

The eternal problem: Copyright of the game

However, besides 365Scores there are still certain shortcomings. Of course, you will not be allowed to watch the match through the application because of copyright issues. Moreover, the number of languages ​​included in the application is not too much (beneficial for those who want to learn more foreign languages ​​but inconvenient for those who just want to update information and do not understand the available languages). Besides, the simulation of the goal is not complete when you will not be able to see the trajectory of the ball when it becomes a goal.

Advantages not to be missed: Positive reviews from users

Despite some defects, but in return, you will be updated with goal videos as well as pre- and post-match interviews as soon as possible. And as mentioned, 365Scores is extremely updated with information from the team (the history of confronting other teams, the performance in the latest matches, the team playing the latest matches or the list of traumatic players,…) to the players (number of matches played, goals, assists; chances created stats, number of passes, saved situations or penalties received successfully…) so you can get an overall look and make the most accurate prediction (if you want to bet). It has been released on operating systems such as Android or iOS next to the website and received extremely positive views from users (4.7/5 from over 800,000 votes on the Android operating system).

So this is an extremely useful application for those who are passionate about sports in general and especially football in particular, 365Scores owns information of leading leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga … until the lesser-watched league like Liga MX (Mexican National Championship), so it will be very convenient for you if your favorite player is no longer in peak form and having to move to other leagues is easy for you to follow. And if you want to watch a match of your favorite team live but the quality is not good, “365Scores” is a very effective fire-fighting method. And with these reviews, perhaps owning one of the most useful features is a must in your smartphone.