App Name Pulsar Music Player Pro
Publisher Rhythm Software
Genre Apps
Size 5.47MB
Latest Version 1.10.8 build 196
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 5, 2021

Are you trying to find yourself the most affordable choice for a music player among many different applications? And also for the purpose of giving users a great choice for music playback, producer Rhythm Software has launched an application called Pulsar Pro – Pulsar Music Player. The application was launched with careful preparation from the manufacturer from the feature side to the user experience. Coming to this application, users will own a music player with all the necessary features, along with lightweight storage. In addition, the application is also adding many new features to increase the enjoyment of users. Quickly install and experience a great music player!

User support is one of the great advantages of the application
The first thing that users will feel when coming to Pulsar Pro is extremely thoughtful support. First of all, the eye of the user right from the first login is the interface of the application. The application has researched very carefully to be able to design an extremely beautiful user interface. And with that, if you pay close attention, the user will see that the application also adds an interface to the animation. These animations are added to diversify the view, along with an interesting animation for the user. In addition, the application also does a very good job of supporting users right in the music player. Thereby, the albums, artists, singers, themes, genres will be managed very closely, in order to give the most visual view when choosing songs. Along with that, the application will automatically download to the user the album’s cover photo or favorite artist to express the content more easily.
Searching for songs will no longer be too complicated with an intelligent processor
Besides, it is impossible not to mention the extremely high improvisation and intelligence of Pulsar Pro. Thanks to the special programming of the programming team, the application now has the ability to analyze data more efficiently. Therefore, smart playlists including the most played songs, the songs added, or the songs that have been played since the last time, will be sent to the user. Thanks to this feature, we won’t spend too much time searching for the songs we want to listen to. But besides, users will also search for new songs very easily, songs that match their mood. Thanks to the ability to quickly search through albums, artist names, and song titles that the application has integrated.
The problem of music expertise has also been resolved simply
Above all, the most important thing for music applications like Pulsar Pro is still the professional features. So how far the ability of this application will meet the professional music needs of the user. And to do this, the app has added itself to special modifiers related to the sound. Thereby, the app’s tuner will assist users with 5-band tonal balance. Along with that, users will also be enhanced with other sounds such as Bass, which echo through the application’s own settings. Moreover, to be able to bring a great listening experience, the application has also added the lyrics feature. This feature when in use allows the application to send the user lyrics quickly and accurately in real-time. So now it’s easier than ever to understand the meaning of the songs.Other useful extras have also been added
In addition, Pulsar Pro also provides users with other useful extras. The first is that in terms of images, the application also categorizes and analyzes different topics so that it can add the right colors to the interface. Therefore, the user’s perception will be significantly improved for the topics that you are trying to choose. Moreover, the application also added an extremely good connection with the user’s supported devices. The addition of Chromecast compatibility will certainly be a useful feature for its owners as well. Besides, a problem that always occurs with people who often listen to music is falling asleep while listening to music. And to be able to overcome this, the application allows users to set the sleep time to have a reasonable amount of music. Then do not quickly own a great application for yourself!